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River City Chef Secrets

Check out the secrets behind the River City Cafe “Kitchen Sink” burger, years in the making and seasoned to perfection.

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“Welcome to Chef’s Secrets Revealed, here at River City Café in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I’m here with Jeff King, general manager of River City in Surfside, and I’m Daren Lay, Director of Operations for the River City Café. Today we’re going to show you how to build and make at home The Kitchen Sink, which is going to be one of our Double Dog Dare burgers off our menu. When you see how we’ve prepared this burger today, you’ll understand why they call it The Kitchen Sink.

“To start The Kitchen Sink, we start with two premium patties – a blend of Chuck sirloin, fresh, never frozen. It took five years of sampling different burgers to come up with this special blend of meats that we have currently. We top them with our own, in-house River City blend of spices that we created. This brings out the flavors in the meat. The final bread it will come on is on our buttered, and grilled, artisan pretzel bun.

“We’re going to start out with the ingredients for The Kitchen Sink. The reason we call it The Kitchen Sink is because it has a little bit of everything we have to offer here. We’re going to start out with our sweet red grilled onions. Again, those are seasoned with our special River City blend, grilled to perfection. And next we have fresh, hand-cut mushrooms. We don’t use the canned product; we use fresh mushrooms and hand-slice them. Again, those are seasoned as well. And then we have fresh-cut jalapeño peppers. And then we use number one, premium, hickory-smoked bacon. These are the ingredients that are going to end up getting topped onto the burger.

“All right, these are our colossal onions. This is what we’re going to top off the burger with. We take a whole onion, slice off the ends, cut it down the middle, and that’s when we separate the onions. We pop the center, smaller rings out, which is what we use for our grilled onions off of the onions. First we place [the colossal onions] in a pancake batter mix, and then we coat it with a pan-coat breader.

“[We slather on] a two-ounce ladel of our home-made, medium hot, Texas chili, made in-house, fresh daily. Next we add the grilled, sweet red onions on top of that. Next, our fresh hand-cut mushrooms. Then our hand-cut, fresh, jalapeño peppers, topped off with our hickory-smoked premium bacon. Now, to hold all this together we’re going to need to smother it with Swiss and cheddar cheese, so that when the shredded cheese melts down over it, it holds the ingredients onto the patty. Otherwise, when you take your first bite, it’s all going to crumble off out to the sides. But the cheese is actually the glue that helps hold it together.

“It comes all the way with just lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mumford onion pickle, and instead of a little, normal, wood-frilled toothpick, we use a steak knife to hold the ingredients onto the bun. Also, we have our fries. This is something that we’ve prided ourselves on for years. We hand-cut all the fries, never frozen. [The burger is] served with our hand-cut fries, seasoned with sea-salt, and our homemade fresh slaw. And this, is a Kitchen Sink.”


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