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Greens, Courses, and More: Myrtle Beach Golf’s 2024 Outlook

Hard to believe but from a golf perspective, 2023 is in the books for the overwhelming majority of players. Sure, if you live here in Myrtle Beach, another round or two likely awaits but the events you look forward to and your buddies trip are finished.

Which means it’s time to look forward to 2024.

Even before we’ve arrived at the first day of the New Year, Myrtle Beach offers much to be excited about. Here are the five things that are ramping up anticipation for golfers as they look forward to their next Myrtle Beach trip.

– The inaugural Myrtle Beach Classic will mark the first time the area has hosted a PGA Tour event and excitement is already building. The Dunes Club, a Robert Trent Jones Sr., classic, will host the event, which will be played May 9-12. What could be better than playing Myrtle Beach’s best courses in the morning and watching some of the world’s best golfers in the afternoon?

– There hasn’t been a new Myrtle Beach golf course since the opening of Founders Club, but that doesn’t mean the market is stagnant. Founders Group International, which owns 21 area layouts, has prioritized reinvesting in its courses, which is good news for your next trip. Pawleys Plantation, a Jack Nicklaus design, reopened this fall following a comprehensive greens, bunkers and clubhouse renovation project so you have to check it out. Long Bay, the area’s other Nicklaus course, just installed new greens, so playing the Nicklaus double is something everyone should be looking forward to.

– Just as the reinvestment in golf courses has been a priority in recent years, that will again be the case in 2024. Expect big news in the coming weeks and months, including one major renovation project that will have golfers buzzing. Sorry about the lack of specifics, but stay tuned. There is a lot more to come!

– As if there aren’t already enough good times to be had off the course in Myrtle Beach, a Pop Stroke is slated to open at Broadway at the Beach in 2024. The experiential golf and dining experience, which counts Tiger Woods among its owners, will allow you to work on your putting while extending the good times of your trip well into the evening hours.

– As winter descends on much of the nation, have faith because better days are ahead. The No. 1 thing to look forward to in 2024 is the opportunity to return to Myrtle Beach with your buddies to enjoy the good times on and off the course.

Memorable as 2023 has been, the goal is to make your 2024 golf trip even better.

(Pawleys Plantation Golf Club Top photo, Long Bay Club pictured right from our Instagram Account @MyrtleBeachGolfTrips)